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Starting a New Convertible Note Raise
Starting a New Convertible Note Raise

How do I set up a Convertible Note raise?

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  1. In the main menu, click 'Tools' and click 'Raise (SAFE)' from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click '+ Start New Raise'

  3. You will be displayed a Disclaimer - after reviewing, click 'Next'.

  4. Provide the details of the Raise such as Name, Raise Type (Convertible Note), and Target Close Date. Once done, click 'Next'.

  5. In the respective fields, enter the: Raise Goal, Valuation Cap, Discount, Interest Rate, Maturity Date, and Capital Raising event amount.

  6. Nominate the company Board Members that you would like to sign on behalf of your company. If you don't set this up yet, you can refer to the steps in this article: Add board member and company signee

  7. Following the raise details enter the bank transfer details. These details will be inserted into your investment document if the respect variables have been inserted into the contract, and will also be displayed to your investors through their investor portfolio after all parties have executed the agreement.

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